There are many ways to support this ministry.  Please see this list for just a few of those ways..... THANK YOU-  We truly couldn't do it without the generous support of people like YOU!  

Youth  Sponsorship:  

We are asking for people to prayerfully consider monthly sponsoring one of the youth at our Training & Discipleship Center in Carrefour, Haiti.  The children receive either Computer Training or English Classes during the week and Bible lessons, music, and discipleship on Saturday mornings (every other week).  They also have the chance to participate in community events & seminars when available and the homework/tutoring classes.  This is an amazing and very worthwhile program for our local community.  It is COMPLETELY Haitian run and facilitated.  We are blessed to have staff who care so much about the youth of our community.  

There are 70 youth in this program ranging in age from 8-18 years old.  All funds donated monthly will be put together for salaries of our staff/teachers, food (the youth eat a meal together each time they get together), supplies, rent for the building, etc...   We suggest you give $32 monthly per child.  

Missionary Sponsorship:

We often have people ask how we get funds to pay the daily expenses for Crystal/Ron Funk, Johny Virgile, David Josmy, Magdiel Alvarez, Daphny Charles & Madame Damus when no teams are on the ground in Haiti.  Our honest answer is that we depend totally on the generous donations from people who believe in the ministry and the work we are doing.  A lot of work goes into planning trips, finding ministry, checking on Haitians that we have worked with (with a team), gathering supplies and overseeing work being done, checking on projects, etc...   If you would like to give monthly toward any of our missionaries please contact us to find out how you can do so.  You can make a monthly or one-time donation - just follow the directions on our "donate" page and be sure to indicate which missionary it is for so the proper expense account can be credited. Click here to go to our "donate" page....



              (Note:  Many of our missionaries have a page on this website- see the "About Us" page to find a link to their "bio")


          Sign up for our e-mail newsletter by filling out the form on the contact us page on this site and we will keep you updated on our current prayer requests and news. We also have a blog you can follow at www.heartsunitedwithhaiti.blogspot.com. On the blog we post photos, mission trip updates, stories, prayer requests, etc, and it is updated much more regularly than this website.  We value our faithful prayer partners.  Know that we pray for YOU as well (let us know any specific prayer requests you may have).  


          We have many projects for you to support financially OR you can send in donations for "greatest need" and we will use the funds as God leads and directs us.  We assure you that funds designated for a specific purpose will be used only for that purpose in accordance with federal guidelines for a 501c3 organization.  This is taken very seriously by all involved with the finances of the organization.


          We love when teams to travel to Haiti to work with our organization.  God created the body to work together - each with different gifts, abilities and talents to share.  

Groups and/or individuals can come to the countryside, work at our training and discipleship center, and possibly even help our Haitian contractors build things at the Hearts United base and community buildings. We also need teams to serve around Carrefour, and help with programs at the local church we partner with.  

There are many opportunities depending on the skills, abilities and desires of your group. We take medical groups to visit people in the towns and remote areas or work in a local medical clinic and hospital, we do sports evangelism where we play sports and/or hold clinics and then share our testimonies with those who attend.  We hold Bible School (VBS) with the neighborhood children or those of the local churches we partner with.  We work with locals on vocational training and/or sustainable projects which will be around long after we have departed, God willing.  Logistics are not as challenging in the more urban areas as they are in the countryside, so find a trip that fits your desire/ability.

Please take a look to see what trips we have scheduled.  We offer trips that either allow you to serve in a primitive environment (countryside) or with modern accommodations (Carrefour).  Some trips even offer you the option of serving in

                                                                   both locations.  If your schedule does not suit one of our existing trips, we can

                                                                   certainly customize a trip for YOU too! Read about our trips here...

Hearts United with Haiti