Hearts United with Haiti



1. Carrefour  7 days  $750   (or 10-11 days $980) 

-These trips are open to anyone interested in a short term mission trip to serve in Carrefour or Port-au-Prince for a week. 
Ministry will vary depending on the team God provides and their unique gifts but may include light construction projects, prayer walking, sports ministry & evangelism, Vacation Bible School, children's ministry, working at a school, medical outreach, teaching classes at our Center, etc... 

-Carrefour is a suburb of Port au Prince and our current base does have running water, flush toilets, showers, and electricity, though limited. The house is very secure with a locked gate at night between participants and the street and two large guard dogs.

-Price includes: Transportation to/from the airport, meals, lodging, translators (approx. 1 per 4 - 5 participants), a t-shirt, participant guide,  clean drinking water, etc...  YOU are responsible for your own airfare to/from Port au Prince and will receive a suggested packing list.  You will also pay a $10 fee to enter the country. 

-Contact us for more information and/or an application & medical form ($100 non-refundable deposit due as soon as possible- balance due 30 days prior to your trip) or fill out the online application ("open trip application") on this website.

2. Countryside  10-11 days  $1,050 

-These trips are open to anyone with a pioneer spirit and in good health.  We will be staying in tents or on the floor or roof of a school or similar public building (bring a sleeping mat/bedding, tent, and mosquito netting if you desire) and will be in remote areas.

-Bathrooms/showers are "rough" as are the other living conditions.  

-For someone with a sense of adventure, this trip is perfect. The area is "virgin" territory meaning that there have only been a few teams in these locations so far and the needs are MANY-  we can use people with all skills/gifts to minister here. It is exciting to be part of something from the beginning- knowing that some day you can visit again and see the progress for yourself and know that YOU were part of it!

NOTE that two nights will most likely be spent at our base in Carrefour- closer to the city of Port au Prince where you will have access to "luxuries" such as running water, bathrooms and limited electricity. Most likely you will get to visit our community center where the majority of our ministry takes place.

-Price includes: transportation to/from the airport and the countryside (depending upon location it may be a LONG drive), meals, lodging fee, translators (approx. 1 per 4 - 5 participants), clean drinking water, etc...  YOU are responsible for your own airfare to and from Port au Prince.

-Ministry will vary and depends on the team God provides, but may include Vacation Bible School, sports ministry, basic medical care, prayer walking/meeting the local community, physical labor (basic repairs and projects- alongside Haitian contractors), English lessons, etc...

-Contact us for more information and/or an application & medical form ($100 non-refundable deposit due as soon as possible- balance due 30 days prior to your trip)

If you are interested in one of these trips or locations please fill out a contact form, application,  or e-mail us at heartsunitedwithhaiti@gmail.com.  If you are interested in a custom trip let us know that as well.  We can customize a special trip for groups of 10 or more.  E-mail us to discuss your options!

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