with special guest speaker (to be announced)

SAVE THE DATE!    October 21, 2023

     -Weaver's Banquet Hall
           2610 N. Reading Road
           Denver, PA 17517​


​​​​​​General Ministry Needs...​​

Current financial needs can be found on the page dedicated to ministry needs. Click on this link to go there.  

We are particularly in need of monthly donors for our programs listed on the donate page.  Our monthly budget is about $8,200 in total.  Of that, we have about $ 4,400 pledged monthly.  (thankfully we have also received some VERY generous grants the past few years which have sustained us!)

PRAYER:  We can always use prayer:

Pray for Haiti- the political situation; the increase in insecurity (kidnappings, gang activity,...); rising food costs; difficulty finding gas; earthquake relief; etc...

Pray for our ministry-  financial needs; our staff as they are handling all the day-to-day operations;  our ministry partners as we continue to work toward sustainability and/or common goals;  wisdom to keep following God- not our own agenda;  upcoming mission groups to serve in Haiti;  etc.... 

(for more current needs, please follow Facebook page or Instagram account)

Hearts United with Haiti