Monthly Financial Needs:

Bas-Citronniers School -  (salaries/operations)                                                        $ 2,100/month

Staff Salaries (Haitian director, Center director, Grounds, Security)                       $ 1,500/month

Training & Discipleship Center (AKA  "Center")-  (general operations)                    $ 150/month

                                                                     (programs/classes/teachers)                     $ 1,060/month

​                                                                          (food- served daily)                            $ 1,450/month

Family Preservation/Reunification- (school tuition, expenses, foster care, etc)           $720/month

Vehicle Maintenance-  (repair/license/insurance)                                                        $ 210/month

General operating expenses- 

         (gas for vehicles, employee taxes, utilities, water, mission base rent, etc.)       $ 1,260/month

                                                                                                                 TOTAL:    $ 8,450.00/month


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Youth Sponsorship- We are looking for people to sponsor our youth discipleship program at the Center by sponsoring a specific youth who is in the program.  Contact us at if interested (for more information or to be matched with a child).   Sponsorship is $32/month per youth and is combined with that of others to provide English/computer class, Bible club on Saturday morning, homework/tutoring services, sports outreach/programs, monthly fun events, and a hot meal each time the youth comes to our Center.  ** We also have classroom sponsorship for our Adult Literacy & Parent/Caregiver support classes ($ 50/month) and general support for misc. expenses/operating costs (copies, paper, textbooks, cleaning supplies, etc...).  

​Family Preservation/Reunification efforts-  We have 3 youth who are in foster family situations who we support with living expenses, education, and/or other needs. Each situation is different but all are working toward independence. We also have 18 youth who haveschool scholarships and need monthly support. Education is something no one can EVER take from a child once given and will help them so much in their future. Scholarships can be $32/month or $50/month (or any other amount you desire).  

HUwH Missionary Staff- All of our full-time staff are considered supported missionaries through the organization, therefore salaries are raised through support (donations).  If you would like to support Johny Virgile, David Josmy,  Mr. Alvarez, Daphny Charles, or Madame Damus with any amount toward their monthly salary, please let us know. We honestly could not operate in Haiti without these essential full-time employees. (individual teachers are supported through the youth sponsorship program)

Greatest Need:

One of the best ways to give is to mark your donation for "greatest need".  We will then have those funds available for things that come up as we do ministry.  It is always such a blessing to have the extra funds available when a need arises and not have to worry about fundraising. (prior uses for this category have been funeral expenses, medical needs, flood relief, earthquake relief, etc...)

There are also many special ways you can help the organization.  Some groups choose to hold a yard sale/car wash/event and donate the profits they make to us!  This is a great way to not only raise funds, but to spread the word of what great things are being done in Haiti- especially in our local community.  Contact us if this idea resonates with you and you would like some guidance on fundraisers you can organize or participate in.  

BLESSINGS to those of you who give to Hearts United in any capacity- YOU are a vital part of the ministry too!  God uses your generosity to impact in so many ways.  

Hearts United with Haiti