Hearts United with Haiti

Johny (on the left) at the beach with a team and two of our other staff members- Stephana and James.  

Johny King Virgile
          - In-Country Logistics Director

Johny was referred to our organization by a pastor friend of the ministry.  After interviewing and searching for a replacement for Redgi Alvarez (our former director) for over a year, we finally met, interviewed, and hired Johny in March of 2017.  It was an immediate connection.  Unknown to us at the time, in 2016 one of our staff members (serving a week with another organization) had a chance to watch Johny interact with others, preach the gospel to the children/staff at a school, and observe his driving skills since Johny was the primary driver for the ministry group that week.  We were very impressed when talking to him and hearing of his past experience with another organization.  It seemed that God was preparing the way for this meeting long before we knew him personally. 


Johny lives in Carrefour.  He has been very good with administrative tasks and has added his own ideas to our ministry.  His work ethic is great- often showing up early for work or working extra hours when needed.  He is very thorough and responsible with our equipment, paperwork, supplies, etc.  

The role of In-Country Logistical Director includes planning housing, scheduling translators and other personnel (cooks, housekeepers, etc..), purchasing food, organizing transportation, and more when groups come to Haiti.  He monitors projects, organizes/hires laborers and manages the money sent for projects (purchasing as much of the material himself and obtaining photos/receipts for our organization).  

Though Johny's salary is paid through our organization, we need to have funds to do so and those funds come from donations.  If you would like to support him (one-time or monthly) you can do so via the link below or send a donation to our office.  This would be greatly appreciated since he is currently the primary source of income for his family.  Anything is appreciated and will be used for his support if marked for such.