Hearts United with Haiti

David Josmy 
                - Director: Training & Discipleship Center

David is 42 years old (born October 29, 1981).  He worked for Hearts United with Haiti as a translator for over 6 years prior to taking this position in February 2020.  Prior to coming on board with our organization as Director he also worked as a High School mathematics teacher- serving as many as five different schools at one time.  He is married (Nadine) since August 20, 2015 and has an adorable son named Jakesler.  Those who have served with our organization can verify his integrity, professionalism, and deep, deep faith in the Lord. Many have built relationship with him over the years and are just as excited as we are to have him on board as Director.  

The position of Director of Training & Discipleship Center involves many things.  David is in charge of daily operations at the Center, outreach in the community, promotion of classes, management of the staff, creation of the schedule, etc...  He also manages our school scholarship program by paying school, meeting with students & caregivers, supervising tutoring, etc...  and serves as a spiritual leader for the organization by leading worship services and mentoring/discipling some of the older youth.  

David is considered  a full time supported missionary with Hearts United with Haiti.  If you would like to contribute toward his monthly salary or send a one-time donation, you can do so with the link below or send in a donation directly to our office.  Info. is on the "Donate" page.  His work is very important and he is a valued and trusted member of the team for over 9 years now.