Our ministry is relational which means that you will live among the people that we regularly partner with, share life with them during your time in Haiti, and learn from them.  Of course, we pray you will also use whatever gifts and abilities God has given you to exchange with them too.  Whether you find your team being led to a school, the Center, a remote community, or somewhere else, it is our prayer that you will leave Haiti understanding more about God and how He is at work -even in what may appear at first to be the most unlikely setting. Short and long-term opportunities are available to serve.  Contact us for more information!  


                    We encourage you to form relationships, make connections, and share together!  



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Would you like to be part of  our ministry in Haiti?  




      Join us in Haiti - a chance to grow in your relationship with God                                                     and LEARN from His beautiful people...



This remote community is moving toward sustainability and independence.  We are partnering with the local school leaders whose goal is to provide education and nutrition to the children of the area.

This is our heart- to help keep nuclear families together and support them so they can remain that way. 


We have other ministry that God has led us to in Haiti...

-Medical Outreach  

-Transition from Orphanages 

Hearts United with Haiti

short term mission trips:

training & Discipleship Center

This Center in Carrefour is used for community outreach, small business & skill training, Bible study, etc...

Ministry Needs:

There are many ways to support and be involved with the organization.... Whether it be in prayer, financial assistance, providing physical items, or by serving in Haiti yourself, there is information on this site to guide and direct you.  If you can not find the information you desire, please fill out a contact form and we will gladly assist you.