​​​​​​​​​All trips include EVERYTHING once you arrive in Port au Prince.  This includes all your food, lodging, transportation, translators, purified water, SOME ministry money (though we encourage everyone to raise additional ministry money- we will find a way to use it to bless those we work with and fill needs God shows us on your trip), etc... You only need to provide your plane ticket to/from Port au Prince, Haiti and pay our participant fee. 

Once you decide on a trip listed below, click the link to fill out our trip application online:


(Chrislene- she is now in our family preservation program.  We pay for her schooling through a scholarship)


-please contact us for information on taking a trip with our organization..... 

**"VISION TRIP" (geared for Ministry Leaders):   (Mar. 20-27, 2021)    Have you ever wondered just what we are all about?  What ministry is available should you choose to lead a mission team to Haiti? Well, then this is the time to come and see all we have to offer without a group along.  We will take you into the communities we serve and into areas where we support families.  You will meet our ministry partners, staff, students at the Center, and see for yourself just what the organization is about and how God has been using us in Haiti to reach His people there.  There will be time to observe and interact with those at our community Center, but each morning will be spent experiencing a different aspect of the ministry.  This trip is a GREAT way to really get to know us and see how all the pieces of the ministry fit together.  Cost for this is only $500/person because many materials and translation will not be needed.  (note:  you will still receive transportation, lodging for 7 nights, all meals & clean water for this price.  Air fare & insurance are at your expense).  

     July 10-17, 2021  ($ 650/person- limited to 15 people)  This group will be ministering in our local community.  They will put on a Bible School at our Center for the children in our community.  They will also do some community outreach and walk through our local community in Carrefour while meeting the people of the area where we serve.  Overall, ministry will depend greatly on the team that comes and their particular skills/gifts.  Price will cover transportation, food, lodging, translators, clean water, etc...  Sign up on the website here (trip application) or e-mail us at heartsunitedwithhaiti@gmail.com to talk about whether or not your group would be a good fit for this outreach.  

​** Contact us to schedule YOUR group for 2021.  We are looking for a possible college group for May, and then at least 2 summer teams in addition to what is listed above.  

Ways to serve:   - teach a class at our Center (computer training- especially Excel; first aid; CPR;

                                         automotive; plumbing; electrical; etc... )

                           - work with our existing teachers to help them with classroom management, 

                                          teaching using different methods rather than just lecture, etc...  

​                           - host a soccer camp!  (we have a TON of materials, we just need a group to 

                                         come, host a camp, and then distribute what we have accumulated.  

                           - teach cooking classes (how to make/decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.. )

                                       Then, someone can potentially set up a small business

                           - teach sewing techniques or other crafts you know how to make

     *God has gifted you with skills/abilities.  We would love you to come share them with others!


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  (updated 10/15/20) Due to the current state of unrest within the capital city of Port au Prince (and surrounding areas), mission trips may need to be cancelled right up until the time of departure from the USA. Ministry within the country may also be limited should your trip still occur.  The situation in Haiti is currently unpredictable and potentially dangerous, though we do all we can to avoid any issues. We STRONGLY suggest you purchase insurance that allows you to cancel at any time for any reason- contact us for advice on this.  Once in our community within Carrefour we are much safer and protected, however, obtaining resources needed for teams may still be an issue.  Please understand that we are all doing our best in a very difficult situation and PLEASE continue to pray for our ministry and ministry partners during this stressful time for all.  Thanks!  

Hearts United with Haiti