​​​Our organization has had our tax-exempt status since January of 2012! This means that your donation to Hearts United with Haiti is considered to be tax-deductible since we are a registered 501c3 organization with the IRS.  We are also a recognized organization in Haiti and fully legal to operate the programs you support.  

THANK YOU for your desire to support this ministry with your finances!  The easiest and fastest way to donate is through PayPal, however, they do take a percentage of your donation as their fee.  Therefore, if you have time, it may be best to send a check (or e-check) to us at:  Hearts United with Haiti  

                                                             PO Box 55

                                                             Morgantown, PA 19543 (or heartsunitedwithhaiti@gmail.com)

 You can include a note so we know what the donation is intended for and where to apply it in our bookkeeping system.  



Paypal is a trusted and secure provider of online donations. If you desire to use them, just click the button below that applies.  You can set up a one-time donation or a monthly (recurring) donation and you can designate a specific area of ministry for your donation on the "review your donation" page (ie: "for orphan sponsorship- Jessica" or "for the Training & Discipleship Center").  Be sure to include your address too. This way we can send you a proper end-of-year receipt and properly credit your account.        

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Thank you in advance for your support of this ministry!  We assure you that all contributions will be used wisely. 


 --Our policy as it pertains to money donated is as follows: "All donations received by Hearts United with Haiti will be used for Hearts United approved projects or programs (as specified by the donor).  If no project or program is specified, then the monies received may be designated by the Hearts United Board of Directors to be used wherever there is deemed a need for that money." 

-- It is also our policy that any money donated toward mission trips will go toward expenses for that trip and NO AMOUNT will be refunded to trip participants (even for expenses incurred for their trip).  Should someone raise above and beyond the cost of their trip the additional money will go toward ministry money for that trip and will be used at the discretion of the trip leader from Hearts United with Haiti.  


​                       Bas-Citronniers We are gathering funds to help with replacing the roof at the school in Bas-Citronniers.  It

                               is in GREAT need of repair since the boards holding up the existing roof are rotting badly after just 5

                               years.  We will use local (Haitian) labor for this - in keeping with our ministry philosophy of creating

​                               jobs.  


Monthly Financial needs:

                      Life is Wealth Orphanage-    Nanny Blessing                                          $700  

                                                                     Food (rice, beans, oil, flour, etc)               $ 250 

                                                                     Fruit/Milk   (delivered 2 x/month)            $ 70/delivery

                                                               ** Orphan sponsorship                                    $ 32 

                                                                     Trash Removal/Chicken food                    $ 100 

                      Bas-Citronniers School - (budget)                                                          $ 1500

                      Staff salaries-  (coordinator/assistant/grounds)                                         $ 750


                      Training/Discipleship Center (operations/rent)                                         $ 350​                   

                                                                 Youth outreach program                                 $ 450

Current OTHER Financial needs:  

                   (ANY amount donated toward these projects will be appreciated.  Contact us if you want more information)

                       Life is Wealth Orphanage-  (funds to continue the Nanny program are most pressing- this is a very good 

                                        way to invest in the children there- by supporting those who regularly care for them)

                              Bas- Citronniers   (solar energy system, purchase grazing area for goats/fencing)

                       Training & Discipleship Center  (items for the classes- particularly English such as manipulatives, books, 

                                      paper, copies, etc... )

       NOTE:  One of the best ways to give is to mark your donation for "greatest need" and we will then have it available for those things that come up as we do ministry.   It is always such a blessing to have that extra available when a need arises and not have to worry about fundraising.  BLESSINGS to those of you who give through financial means.....

                                                                                           YOU are a vital part of this ministry too!  






Hearts United with Haiti