Hearts United with Haiti

Monthly Financial Needs:

Bas-Citronniers School -  (salaries/operations)                                                        $ 1,500/month

Staff Salaries (Haitian director, Center director, Grounds, Security)                       $ 1,500/month

Training & Discipleship Center (AKA  "Center")-  (operations)                                $ 150/month

                                                                         (youth program)                                  $ 860/month

Family Preservation/Reunification- (school tuition, expenses, foster care, etc)           $720/month

Vehicle Maintenance-  (repair/license/insurance)                                                        $ 210/month

General operating expenses- 

         (gas for vehicles, employee taxes, utilities, water, mission base rent, etc.)       $ 460/month

                                                                                                                 TOTAL:    $ 5,400/month


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Youth Sponsorship-  We are looking for people to sponsor our youth discipleship program at the Center by sponsoring a specific youth who is in the program.  Contact us at huwhsponsorship@gmail.com if interested (for more information or to be matched with a child).   Sponsorship is $32/month per youth and provides English/computer class, Bible club on Saturday morning and a hot meal each time they are at our Center.  

​Family Preservation/Reunification efforts-  We have 9 youth who are either in foster family situations or living with biological family members who we support with education (tuition, books, supplies, etc...) and, if needed, foster care expenses.  Each situation is different.  We would also like to help some children from the orphanage return home with family, but need sponsors for these children to do this.  Sponsorship can be $32/month or $50/month (or any other amount you desire).  

HUwH Missionary StaffAll of our full-time staff are considered supported missionaries through the organization, therefore salaries are raised through support (donations).  If you would like to support Johny Virgile, David Josmy or Mr. Alvarez with any amount, please let us know.  They also have personal needs (ie:  school for their children), so if you would like to help in this capacity, please contact us.    


One of the best ways to give is to mark your donation for "greatest need" and we will then have it available for those things that come up as we do ministry.  It is always such a blessing to have the extra funds available when a need arises and not have to worry about fundraising.  BLESSINGS to those of you who give to Hearts United in any capacity- YOU are a vital part of the ministry too!  God uses your generosity to impact in so many ways.