Other Ministries:

                                           -Reunited Orphans-

Over the years we have been in Haiti, we have come to realize that MANY children in orphanages have at least one living relative/parent who would love to have that child at home.  Most feel the orphanage is their only way to care for their child. We have also seen first-hand how these institutions harm both the family and the child.  So, we have started orphan prevention seminars at the Center in Carrefour, but we have also committed to get many of the children from Life is Wealth Orphanage back to their family and/or into foster care if at all possible.  A child is ALWAYS better off in a family environment than in an institutionalized one.  

Currently we have been working alongside families of children who have been reunited by Haitian Social Services (IBESR).  We provide education since this is the largest expense for the family.  The children (and their caregivers) must sign a contract and maintain a certain grade level to remain in our program, but if they do so, we pay tuition/books/uniform/other needed items.  We also try to work with the family and find ways TOGETHER to provide income for them.  This is extremely difficult and we are learning to be quite creative with our ideas.  But, at least the family doesn't have the burden/expense of education, the child (usually girls) receives an education and is taught accountability, and the family unit is preserved. 

     This program is not fully funded yet.  Please e-mail us at huwhsponsorship@gmail.com or fill out a contact form on this website if YOU would like to sponsor one of these children.  

-Medical Outreach-

Over the years we have partnered with local doctors to do medical clinics, have offered free blood pressure checks to the community, have sent medical professionals from our short term teams to a local nutrition clinic, etc...  Though this is not a focus of the ministry, we want to be able to use the gifts of those who come to Haiti as a way to bless our community and fellow missionaries serving in Haiti.  We have also been able to coordinate and sponsor medical care for many in our community that we have met through outreach with teams.  Therefore, if you come to serve with our organization and have a medical background you may be able to plug into such ministry.  Also, you may see medical needs on our social media from time to time and you may be able to sponsor such ministry.  Medical care in Haiti is difficult for most to afford so this is yet another way we can truly enter into relationship with our neighbors.  

Dr. Dominique Daurisca at a medical clinic in our Center.  

Hearts United with Haiti