Hearts United with Haiti

James Desrosiers
                Director of Training & Discipleship Center

James Desrosiers is 34 years old (born Nov. 11, 1985).  He is the oldest of six children and though his parents both died when he was only 10 years old, he managed to finish some schooling and teach himself electronics while helping raise his siblings with assistance from the community and relatives.  He is very talented with technology and can usually figure out how to fix things around the base and on ministry sites.  He was raised in Carrefour and has many contacts which have proven to be invaluable when needing goods and/or services around town.  He also got married in 2014. He and his wife, Aline have two sons- Nathan born spring 2016 and James (Chris) born spring 2018.  Aline has helped in the past with our ministry as well- as cook, housekeeper, and secretary for the Discipleship Center.

The position of Director of Training & Discipleship Center involves many things.  James is in charge of finding, evaluating and training our team of translators and maintains a data base of both men and women fluent in English to select for each team's individual needs.  He also directed and organized our training and discipleship center when it was in operation from January to October 2014 in another part of Carrefour.  

In addition to his regular duties involving the Center (outreach in the community, promotion of classes, management of the staff, creation of the schedule, etc), he will check on ministry sites and partners, make contacts, attend meetings in Haiti on our behalf, etc... 

James is considered staff with Hearts United with Haiti.  If you would like to contribute toward his monthly salary or send a one-time donation, you can do so with the link below or send in a donation directly to our office.  Info. is on the "Contact Us" page.  His work is very important and he is a valued and trusted member of the team since the foundation of the organization.