Hearts United with Haiti


​Mike Lempke-  (Secretary & Chairman)                                             

Mike Lempke joined the Hearts United with Haiti Board of Directors

in 2015..  He has spent the bulk of his career in aviation and travel

related positions and currently holds a pilots license.  Mike and his

wife, Jennifer also own a used kids clothing store.  Mike has a heart

and passion for global mission work and has served on numerous

mission trips to Africa and Haiti.  Mike and his wife are currently

in the process of adopting two young men from Haiti. 

Mike was very excited when asked to join the Board:  "I have seen

first-hand the amazing things that Crystal, Johny and the others are

doing on God's behalf in Haiti. It is truly an honor to be a part of this organization." 

Mike lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Jennifer (also on the Board) and their four wonderful children.  

​                                                                                  Gérald Beauvais-   Member

                                                                                                       Gerald was born in Port au Prince, Haiti and moved to the

                                                                                                     USA in   He has a beautiful daughter, serves as an elder in

                                                                                                     his church and works at a local university where he is an IT

                                                                                                     and marketing specialist.  He has taught numerous

                                                                                                     computer classes to his community, his church and private

                                                                                                     individuals.  He has been a member of the Board since the

                                                                                                     beginning of the organization and has seen much growth/

                                                                                                     change over the years.  

Mission work is not new to Gerald.  He has traveled to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to help with rebuilding, he has done local missions in his community and volunteers as a soccer coach for both boys and girls ages 6-12.  He also designs websites for people and writes a daily devotional on Facebook.  "Like" his page on Facebook to receive a bit of inspiration each day.  

He is fluent in Creole and French and is invaluable to the board when it comes to questions about Haitian culture, trip planning, etc...  Gerald's favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me                                                                      strength".  

Jennifer Lempke-  Member

Emily Dodson-  Member

​Ally Weaver- Member

*Note:  Cara Allen (secretary for the organization) is Treasurer though not an official member of the Board.